Organic pineapples are one of the favorite summer fruits. There are many ways of consuming organic pineapples such as through juice, salads, and smoothies. The organic pineapples are doses of health since they are power packed with nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin C and iron.
We ensure that only the best and 100% of organic fruits are delivered to your doorsteps. There are no traces of pesticides or other chemicals found in the organic pine apple produce sold by us.
NOTE – Customers please take note that the fruits and vegetable packet size shown on the website are prone to change in terms of their weight and packs. Owing to this fact your order might differ in weight leading to the addition of some extra charges on the order that you have placed.
For example – If the cost of 1kg musk melon is 60/- and the weight is 1kg 100g then you will be charged Rs.60/- plus the charge of 100g.

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Organic Pineapple