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1. raw materials: select large high quality peanut;

2.  appearance: light yellow transparent;

3.grow up in the constant temperature 15-20°C; package as required:1.8L ,2.5L, 4L, 5L ,20kg, 190kg, etc

5. Testing report in Jan. 2013:

sample name first grade pressed peanut oil acid value 0.7
sample time 2013-1-9 peroxide value 0.1
luster(25.4mm) Y:13,R:1.2 280°c heating test Y value invarity, R increase 0.2,no others
smell taste speculiar peanut oil smell and taste,no others residual solvents not detected
transparency qualified As not detected
moisture and volatile matter 0.02 Pb not detected
insoluble impurities 0.01 aflatoxin not detected
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Pea Nut Oil